Going to the Rock Show?

February Preview: Part 1

February 4: Leggy / Bijous / Cross Country / Space Buns Forever / @ The Smiling Skull

Yooo now THIS one is a banger do ya hear me? I mean ooohhh daddy we all love a good Skull show you got yr cheap beer & potential for dogs to be in the audience (which honestly it would be so sick if there was an entire concert only 4 Dogs & Dawgs [picture this: a grey hound on the drums, boston terrier slappin’ the bass and a fuckin rotweiler rippin’ up & down the Gibson …10,000 golden retrievers & their owners with their fists in the air howling at the sweet sweet sounds of live rock n roll baby. A beer is thrown across the room. Doggies bark. Dawgies scream])

Flier by Bailey Kretz and Mad Penny

Flyer by Bailey Kretz and Mad Penny

Enter the humans: Leggy is a three piece from Cinci who writes bubblegum punk songs…what the heck is that you may ask well let me tell you. you take punk structured songs but soften ‘em up a little and maybe you listen to ‘em at the beach and yr just having ass good time slatherin’ up the old SPF 40 yeah baby now that is a good ass time to me. Ya also got TWO ladies shredding in this group oh yea that’s what I like to see!!! One dude bangin on the drums you got it all.

Bijous is also rly good they are from akron you see this is a good old fashioned ohio rock n roll show ok so they’re bringin’ in that west coast vibe to a Midwest audience. Kinda contradicting but does it really matter NOPE!!!!! Its kinda punky kinda garage-rocky and definitely will get ur blood pumping. Definitely a #DogPleaser.

ALSO!!!!!! We got some sick and slick tunes coming from Cross Country yes you heard me XC ya know like that high school sport?? Just like that except they are nothing like that bc they are a fun vibin’ two-timin’ alt rock group out of oxford ohio oh yes it’s true. U know what the best part abt XC is well let me tell you its that u don’t even have to run while you watch ‘em bc we all hate cross country the sport or at least I did and especially bc it reminds me of my frail and limp body collapsing after running 100 meters when I thought it was a good idea to join the track team in seventh grade yes friends this is my hell.

Opening up the gig is little baby Meg with her solo project Space Buns Forever. Imagine if u took ur diary and quietly played along with a sick ass acoustic guitar and TADA you got a fuckin’ band and ur here to rock. I’m here to rock.

*Bailey Kretz booked this show so there is a conflict of interest, but it’s still going to be tight IMO.

February 1st: Machine Girl / The Obsessives / Rollergirl! / Shannon and The Tunnels

this gig is gonna be at the Bat Lounge which imo is the peeerrfect place for this lineup we got SOME RAGING TECHNO VIBES 2 FUCK U UP WITH 2NITE alright let’s get to it

okay so i went 2 enough anime conventions when i was 14 to develop a taste for rave music pretty early on and if u can’t connect with that then good for u but dude Machine Girl isn’t yr 2008 youtube search history’s breakcore, this shit gooooooooeeessss its like super hardcore jungle influenced idm that DOESN’T FUCKING QUIT and all i can say is this set is gonna trip balls. wear a tank top maybe. pop a molly. no open toed shoes. yr about to transcend space and time mother fucker. throwing some of these babies in for good measure (*´`*)ヘ(= ̄∇ ̄)ノ

Flyer by Meg Fair

Flyer by Meg Fair


and then The Obsessives????? this’ll be a lil different from the rest of the lineup but if u wanna jam to to some cool emo then by all means. this’ll be a good set to catch yr breath to, and remember that yr ex sent u a friend request on fb the other day (i kno mine did haha yikes). i am pumped to hold a 24oz pbr and sway longingly to this mmmmmm ya. put yr jacket back on and cozy up to these sweet sweet sounds.

Rollergirl! HOOOOO BOOOOOYYY this is gonna be so fun for real i’m talkin some serious new retro wave synthpop vibes that are gonna go pretty hard. the hottest heaviest disco ever. the grrrls will be popping their gum and the bois will be slicking combs through their hair and the cool kids will be lacing up their skates and getting ready to partyyyyy cause thats what this set is gonna be. do not even come inside for this set unless yr trying 2 dance (but come inside anyway cause its polite c’mon).

u ever have a rly fucked up dream that yr in a video game and u keep dying and starting over but everything is all glitchy and distorted and yr looping and looping through the same levels until u wake up? well thats what Shannon and The Tunnels is like except its irl and its Shane!!! u kno Shane!!!!! Bat Lounge is Shane’s fuckin house u better know Shane!!! this set will be some cool experimental mind-fuckery but i promise it will not disappoint just sit back and let the noize do the talkin.