Featured Artist: Sydney Joslin-Knapp 

Manny is my bow-legged, wild-eyed, spastic twelve-year-old Cardigan corgi-chihuahua mix. He’s been a recurring subject ever since he came into my life as a puppy, appearing in countless drawings, photographs, prints, and soft sculpture representations. Most of my friends know him through my art and think of my representations of him before his flesh-and-blood appearance. Despite the saturation of his image in my work, some aren’t even sure of his name, since he is referred to most often as CRAZY EYES.

He got nicknamed CRAZY EYES as a puppy during a walk with Pepito, our chihuahua. We walked past a yard with a group of kids. They saw Pepito first, gushing about how cute he was. Manny followed close behind. The kids jumped back and got quiet. “That dog’s got crazy eyes,” one kid commented as the rest watched Manny meander down the sidewalk. It’s true. It stuck.

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