Throughout Holden Caulfield’s 65-year adolescence, teenagers have tried to place him in their respective eras. In the 1960s, students possibly wondered about Holden’s thoughts on the Vietnam War. If he was an ‘80s kid, would he have been found sulking at the local mall? And today, maybe you’ve considered what music would comprise Holden’s Spotify account.
This playlist presents 16 songs—representing our angsty hero’s age—that Holden might enjoy. The artists span decades and evoke The Catcher in the Rye in sound, lyrics, or both. Imagine Holden at the Lavender Room listening to Charlie Parker, whose wild bop was the new thing around the novel’s 1951 publication. Or bring Holden into 2016, where he almost certainly would be lying on a bench with Conor Oberst whining into his ear.