I generally make things based on my feelings or experience I’ve had (usually bad ones) as a form of art therapy. It could be a dream I had, a horrible feeling someone gave me, or a bad trip. When I’m not doing animations, I really love going out to sketchy/study people at the library, Target parking, in my classes, or at parties. Part of my process is being a little bit of a stalker (whoops!)
I enjoy using traditional mediums. Hand drawing frames and scanning them has been my most favorite most recent technique. I’ve also found some Photoshop brushes that look and feel traditional, as well. I’ve been feeling influenced by a lot of student work that I find online. Animations, and other forms of art, that are textured or rough are interesting to me because of the imperfections.  It’s really nice to not worry so much about things looking perfect. I feel like the imperfections are just as good.
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dream-1simon-1 budderfly
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