Excerpts from Barskin

The works of Marie Swartz in Barskin are that of a misanthropic genius,

the drunk-dream of the jaded nihilist who pulls the world closer for moments, only to push away from its dull continuation all together.

Barskin puts the harshness of the human experience into words, and traps you in dark puddles of fragmented rhythm.

Barskin is the burn in the back of your throat after chain smoking through the past

////// 6

Rest upon formidable bones Heavy as Easter Island heads Ethiopian dog men come to pray Clear night sky

Scar scatter
Stringed constellations hung suspended in the air 48oz carbonation
Alcohol River cuts the landscape
Goosebumps high as cocaine Clapton
Fuck yeah, she says as I nod along
Cutting glances your hairied way
Arms awkwardly locked with thumbs skyward Vacant of bottle necked booze
Billowing invisible nicotine to the godheads Seemingly straight edge cut out
But we both know that’s a lie
When you snort bars do you feel it in your throat? Makes me cough, she says
As the passersby nod along

6^ Spatial entitlement (eavesdropping, sightseeing)



Burn the words that don’t make reality Liquid tales of missed appointments Phone dead surprise at sunrise
Pill shaped blood

Left with laundry lists of intimate interactions Tugboat drawstring limitations
Mosquito’s harvesting words over actions Harkening toward black seas

Cotton ball blizzard Blurred bits in real life One breath to freedom Hot dog stomach tunnels

Claim feelings
Living vicariously through ayahuasca visions Deep throat kisses transferring the liquid Ransacking overgrown Tonka trucks

Honest accusations taken personally into the night With disappointment
Head full of flowers downing your emotions Crocodile skin fanfare

Hardcore utterances
Trying to break through the ideal
Clean my wounds and what does it mean Confusing sunset with sunrise

Redestroy the thread of life They’re just human
The usual the normal

And lover eyes aren’t enough To satiate

11^At what point is a legless man half undressed?



2 750ml bottles of 80 proof vodka 3 packs Marlboro smokes
46oz jar baby dill pickles
23oz jar pickled mushrooms

12oz jar pickled tomatoes
21oz jar pimento stuffed olives
3.75oz can sardines
8oz can oysters
5oz jar dried beef
9oz jar pickled pigs feet
6oz jar whole pickled garlic
40oz whole pickled eggs
2 32oz bricks smoked government cheese 9oz bag oyster crackers
14oz can pea soup
1 Soviet Russian winter night
1 indoor plumbing unit

8^The perfect date night