Jettison is, of many things, an expression of the individuals who work on it. And though the individuals have changed, and with them certain visions and views, the fundamental character of our magazine is immutable. Nine months since conception, we are relaunching the zine and reimagining the individual. This publication exists to be the digital salon of underground Athens, an expression of the entire community that works on it.

Fall semester has brought a handful of highly committed staff members whose passions include photography, design, writing, and more. Now there are different heads, different experiences, different talents, and our new content reflects that. As always, we want Jettison to represent our lives, so here is a new incarnation.

Though we’re more mature, we still live in naivety. We’re almost sure of that. We’ve learned that there are so many nuances in life. There are so many things to explore, to appreciate, to create. We want to do this with the help of the culture that fostered us. At its full potential, Jettison will serve as a DIY community paper, publishing art and ideas that characterize Athens.

Thank you. We hope you enjoy the magazine.